Put the F in fabulous with these  home bar cocktail recipes at your stay at home Grammy's watch party!  We created a menu featuring a nice spectrum of spirited cocktails & alcohol-free libations to dazzle guests and friends of all ages and recreational preferences.  Click on each link to open up the full step by step recipe:

Let’s start by talking tools. It is nearly impossible for even the greatest bartender to make a quality drink without the right tools. We recommend buying this kit from cocktail kingdom to get you started down a path to perfectly diluted, airy, balanced cocktails. It is reasonably priced and has everything you need to make awesome shaken cocktails.


Next, let's gather our ingredients.....

Vodka - always drink Ketel One Vodka for your awards parties (they support the GLADD Awards Fundraisers every year all over the country)

Gin - we think Aviation Gin is a great choice for this cocktail

Tequila - maybe some Casamigos to get in the red carpet mood

Mezcal - we are huge Silencio Mezcal fans at Top Hat and they support the arts more than most

Coffee Liqueur - Kahlua is the easiest to find!

Classic Lemonade Mix - Our Top Hat Lemonade Mix has the perfect balance of lemon juice & cane sugar to balance out an citrusy collins or fizz

Top Hat Sugar-Free Cucumber Lemonade - there is only one choice for this ingredient

Espresso - Definitely order some of our Top Hat Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate & Espressotini Mix

Ginger Beer - Top Hat Ginger Beer is what gives the kick of heat in this cocktail and adds a nice touch of earthy warmth

Spicy Margarita Mix - Top Hat Spicy Margarita Mix is hot with a touch of pineapple and still light with half the sugar of most mixes

Butterfly Pea Blossom Tincture - Use Top Hat Butterfly Truth Serum for color and antioxidants and dramatic effect at ¼ of the price of most!

Ground Sumac - Although this spice isn’t a standard in most spice cabinets, it should be. Any powdered sumac will do, including this one.

Tajin - One of our favorite things that exists! This fully addicting spice mix is usually sprinkled on fruit, we use it as the base of our salt mix for our paloma rim. You can buy it in the Hispanic foods isle at most grocery stores and also here.

A lime – when you are shopping for limes look for thin-skinned glossy fruit, as these tend to be juicier and less bitter

Simple Syrup - this can be made at home by combining equal parts of white granulated sugar & hot water

Pineapple Juice - use Dole if you can't press it fresh

Get some nice glassware and class it up. Most of us are our own bartenders this year, so we might as well lean into it. Take it slow, make it beautiful, make it count.