Frequently Asked Questions

What is Top Hat?

  • - Is Top Hat just a cocktail mixer (no, we make both ready to drink cocktail mixers & cocktail
  • - Where is it made? San Francisco, California, USA
  • - Does it have alcohol? NO
  • - Is it good? Millions of home bartenders and festival goers say YES! We have posted over 50 relevant 5 star reviews to prove it!!
  • - Is it sugary? We use an average of 33% less sugar per serving than most brands High in calories? 33% lower than most comparable products!
  • - Is it natural/organic? All of our products are made with natural and organic ingredients but we have to include one artificial preservative in almost all of our products for health and safety reasons (sodium benzoate)

What are the ingredients?

  • - Does it have botanicals? YES
  • - Is it good for me? Some of our products are resistance boosting and have been used homeopathically for leg cramps, stomach pain, & viral immunity enhancement!
  • - What kind of sugar or sweetener is in it? We use agave nectar, evaporated organic cane juice and pure cane sugar in our original products & we use monk fruit natural sweetener in our keto friendly & sugar free products!
  • - How much sugar? It depends on the product, but we tend to use about 33-50% less sugar per serving than our competitors!
  • - How many  calories per serving? It varies by product. There are images of the nutrition panel in each of the product listings online that shows the calorie and sugar content!I/li>
  • - What is the serving size? It varies by product. Most of our syrups and concentrates are 1oz serving size. Most of our ready to mix products are 5oz serving size!

Is quinine tonic good for your health?

  • - Is it ready to drink or is it a concentrate? All 3 of our tonics are 5x quinine concentrates with 5 times the quinine of tonic water!
  • - Does this quinine thing have healing properties? Quinine has been used for prevention and treatment of viruses like malaria for centuries! Quinine has also been used to calm leg cramps for centuries!
  • - Am I qualified to mix my own beverages? We have a vast assortment of recipes and "how to" videos attached to our product listings demonstrating how to use each product! Is mixing tonic and ginger beer at home a pain in the ass / will it make me look dumb? Not at all and absolutely not. Our craft tonic and ginger beer syrups are best with 1oz of syrup added to 4 or 5oz of carbonated water! 
  • - What is craft? Craft is a categorical beverage term referring to the elevated quality and intentional culinary nature of a food or beverage or an ingredient or product that goes into a food or beverage!   What is a concentrate? Our batching syrups & craft concentrates are compact intensifications of a beverage that we sell without the water in it so you can transport it easily and add the water or the carbonated water later when you need it! It also allows you to control the richness and final diluted concentration of a beverage based on how much syrup you add! What is a mule?  A mule cocktail is a combination of 1.5oz of your alcohol spirit of choice with 1 to 1.25oz of Top Hat Ginger Beer Syrup & 4oz of carbonated water!
  • - Does is already have alcohol? None of our products come with alcohol in them already. Does it have a lot of sugar?  Our tonic and ginger beer concentrates are particularly low in sugar compared to our competitors! Is it natural or organic?All Top Hat products are made with natural and organic ingredients with the careful and minimal trace of one artificial food safety preservative called sodium benzoate!

How do I get it?

  • -How fast is direct delivery?  We typically ship the next day and our free UPS ground shipping takes between 1 and 4 business days travel time! What about Amazon? Our Amazon products are all Prime and they typically reach our customers within 2 business days from order date!

How do I use it?

  • - Training videos? We have amazing youtube training videos embedded in most of our product listings demonstrating the most popular recipes made with each product. We are always producing and adding more. If you need a custom video mixology lesson or instruction, we can email one to you very quickly!I/li>