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Top Hat Tonic Syrup Trio & 5x Quinine Concentrate Combo Kit - East India Tonic Syrup, Sugar Free Elderflower Tonic Syrup & Classic Tonic Syrup - 3 pack of 32oz bottles

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- Includes all 3 of our award-winning resistance boosting Tonic Syrups & 5x Quinine Concentrates:  

Top Hat East India Tonic Syrup & 5x Quinine Concentrate - an epicurean montage of the finest natural quinine, cinchona bark, zeus hop, grapefruit peel, chamomile & Darjeeling tea (made with cane sugar)

Top Hat Sugar Free Elderflower Tonic Syrup & 5x Quinine Concentrate -  a handcrafted symphony of the finest natural quinine, elderflower, cinchona bark, grapefruit peel & chamomile (naturally sweetened with monk fruit)

Top Hat Classic Tonic Syrup & 5x Quinine Concentrate - a handcrafted blend of the finest natural quinine, cinchona bark extract, lavender, orange peel, & juniper berry

- These ultra-premium tonic syrups & 5x quinine concentrates are supercharged with immune system boosting vitamin C

-Our tonic syrups deliver an ultra-dry, bittersweet homeopathic touch to your home bar made with ultra-premium quinine extracted from Cinchona Bark from the Fever Tree, sustainably collected from the Eastern Congolese highlands of Africa.

- Just stir 1 to 1.5oz of Tonic Syrup with 5oz of Seltzer Water or Club Soda for a nice 6oz serving of quinine tonic water

- All of our handcrafted tonic syrups are great for making premium non-alcoholic tonic water, alcohol free cocktails & traditional G&T's

- Great for batching kegs of stable Gin and Tonic cocktail for use with draft cocktail systems 

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